Digital FluidityBen Sherriff

Digital Fluidity is a process or mode of production where technologies are seen as offering the filmmakers enhanced opportunity for creating new cinematic effects, aesthetics and narratives. The technologies of moving image production are in a constant state of flux. The industries of the visual arts are based on technology and so change is inevitable and necessary to drive them forward. The stages of pre-production, production, post-production, distribution and exhibition despite all this change are bound together by one constant – the digital. Digital technology now pervades every aspect of our lives, the world, and how we represent them through visual media.

About the Author

Dr Ben Sherriff has recently completed a practice based PhD at Exeter University, funded by an Arts and Humanities Council Studentship. 

His career in broadcast and creative media production began at the age of ten years old as an actor in television. Having trained in his father’s photographic studio with 35mm and medium format photography it was a natural progression for him to move to the other side of the lens. Ben’s passion for the academic study of the image began as an undergraduate student at the University of Warwick and he has continued to develop his academic ideas throughout the early stages of his career in broadcast and film. He is currently operating professionally as a Camera Operator, Editor and DiT to further both his practical and theoretical studies and concerns. You can access Ben’s doctoral thesis here. His recent work you can see on his website: www.benjaminsherriff.com


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