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It’s been a busy busy year and I’ve ended up blogging far less than I was hoping to – no bad thing in terms of work! I’ve been involved in some really excellent projects over the past six months  especially, having my debut broadcast undertaking as a DoP on BBC1 and ITV has to be one of the highlights. I shot a party political broadcast for the Liberal Democrats in September and it was aired early October. The style brief was documentary / realist so I chose the Arri Amira with a set of CP.2 primes for the links and pieces to camera and cutaways, and then I shot a series of interviews with a B4 Canon HJ14 zoom lens. For lighting I had a 150w Dedo Kit, 2x 1KW fresnels, and a Celeb 200.

20150906_13160820150904_195834Other fun jobs included working with director Martin Cray filming an eagle called Sydney flying over some of the most iconic sights in London – parts of this were a genuine challenge to shoot but we managed to pull it off in the end. There was a mixture of cameras on this shoot, a promo project for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. We used a Sony F55 and Canon HJ40 zoom lens with the AXS-R5 Raw Recorder to enable high speed 4K RAW recording. We used Sony FS7s and Canon Zooms as B Roll and behind the scenes cameras. I actually ended up editing the behind the scenes content for the client as well – something I hadn’t expected but a process I thoroughly enjoyed as it allowed me to really inspect the footage we had achieved and learn more about both cameras in post.

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I’ve also enjoyed working on content for Spotify Buzz and Sony Experia Lounge filming bands playing music in different cities in Europe, so far we’ve shot in London, Paris and Madrid with Berlin scheduled for the new year. This content is again being shot on the very popular Amira, which anyone I operate with tends to agree is a fantastic camera. New updates to the firmware released two weeks ago add some more features that I can’t wait to put to use in the new year – especially the time lapse. Think that’s gonna be very good for this job – much better to have an Amira film the setup in high resolution rather than setup a sony action camera!