FCPX Sneak Peak

Okay – so I’ve really geeked out this morning with the exciting sneak peak at the new fully re-designed Final Cut Pro. So there were some rumours that Apple were totally destroying the app and that they were going to risk alienating dedicated users/followers! Only Apple could pull off a move this bold and it looks from what we see here that they will indeed pull it off. There is a lot of information missing from this presentation – no mention of the other ancillary programmes and it looks as though the new release will be a move away from the ‘all in on box’ production possible with Studio 2. However, the new release price point for fcp at $299 will certainly get many hot under the collar. Personal favorites here are – background rendering, the new ways of linking to secondary layers on the timeline, compound clips, the magnetic timeline, the look of the interface and some of amazing automatic features that will allow processes on ingest. Looking forward to hearing about the other apps and of course new ways of outputting and sharing our media…. blu ray anyone?

Larry Jordan has a great detailed review here http://www.larryjordan.biz/app_bin/wordpress/archives/1452


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