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Broadcast Video Expo 2011

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Here’s a selection of my show highlights. Worth a mention has to be the lovely Hocus Focus remote follow focus unit for DSLR or larger rigs such as RED. Of course the Arri Alexa is something to behold as you’d expect. I love the Kino grips and the movie tube stuff but the Panasonic AG-AF101 also turned my head packed full of all the pro features that you want in a video camera and with your DSLR lenses.


Skybot Studio Shoot

Yesterday I had the pleasure of starting some filming for a showreel for British Technical Film’s Chris Watts. Here are a couple of stills from the video we shot that show you the craft and what it packs! Amazing piece of design and machinery. GoPro Hero HD gyro mounted a on a six prop copter. For more info on British Technical Films please go to Chris is going to provide some ariel shots for my next PhD project Not for Human Consumption.

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