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Mixing in Soundtrack Pro

I have been an advocate of mixing and mastering my audio to picture in Logic Pro, but for the current project I am going to be using soundtrack pro. I can monitor the audio and the video through the Blackmagic video card so it makes more sense than running Logic – which really doesn’t like using the Blackmagic card for some reason as its audio playback device.

I’ve had whole lot of problems today that have been more than a little concerning. One of my main external hard drives for stock footage storage and projects has given me warning signs that it requires reformatting. I’ve cloned the drive and reworked my current film media in the Final Cut project (relinked assets all over the shop etc and re-rendered the film).


Glidetrack Shooter SD Demo

7D Back from Canon

Today is a good day… not least because I got my Canon 7D back from Canon. They’ve done a firewire update and cleaned the sensor but nothing more so pixel wasn’t dead after all. I’ll find some time to test it tomorrow and will be making my reel for the Glidetrack shooter finally so will know for sure then.

Live Digital Webcast Slideshow

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A great illustration of the distance digital technology has come in the past decade is to consider the kind of setup you now need to do a multi-camera live broadcast via the web. This was my first ever live webcast and it was fairly intense but very rewarding and exciting at the same time. Two JVC HM-100s were used with Data Video DAC-9 convertors HDMI to SDI. The two cameras were fed into the Thomson Grass Valley Indigo vision mixer – I used two Sony CRTs for Programme and Preview monitors and a DSR-45p DVCAM deck to record a tape version of the programme. The DVCAM deck also provided AV to DV conversion to input the feed to the freeware from Adobe – Adobe Live Encoder.