Archive | April 2010

Glidetrack Sponsorship

After a telephone conversation or two Alastair from Glidetrack offered to sponsor my project in the form of a Glidetrack Shooter SD. The product is unique in the fact that it offers both a portable dolly and shoulder mount solution in one piece of kit. One can perform forward or sideways dolly movements and do pseudo crane moves mounting the Glidetrack on a tripod. For really low moves the stabiliser handlebars flip up and the Glidetrack can go straight on the floor – I am really excited about the ability to do these kind of moves in a rock climbing environment. I’m using a Giottos quick release plate for attaching to the Glidetrack Shooter SD – this enables a rapid set up and pack down time, crucial to documentary filmmaking. I shall be posting some demo videos and some of my thoughts on how I will use the kit in the next few weeks. Glidetrack Shooter is available from

The rig is complete for my current project. I can’t add any more weight as I have to carry everything in one rucksack. I’ll post some pics of this soon.