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Filmmaking leads me to new heights!

Here I am attempting a silly move to get on the top – I should point out that I failed! I’m really enjoying the experience of learning the basics of climbing and it is so much fun to do outdoors, even when one doesn’t get to the top. This is surely the only way to understand the mind of a climber and the motivations behind it – experience it for yourself. The team we have got together for the project is fantastic – the pace is measured and relaxed, and we are getting along well. It’s a crucial part of the success of the project that we are working together as a team several months in advance of the trip to the Pyrenees – we will already be very familiar with working together by the time the trip comes along.

I’ve also found a suitable camera for doing rope based shots and car mount setups – something that I feel is imperative to the production. These days production values count as much as storylines – a rather sad fact but one that I appreciate (being obsessed with aesthetics and production technology also helps!) The camera is the GoPro HD Sports camera

Originally the idea was to rig my Canon 7D on a cable system and then fly the entire rig – this plan is being scaled back due to the expense. If I do find some kit sponsorship then this may change but at the moment I think it will yield better production results to go with a small hard disk camera that can be used in numerous different ways. Rather than flying the small camera using wires off of a cliff (cable brings its own serious saftey concerns working at hight with tension…) I am going to get the small HD cam and fly it using climbing rope and pulleys – the trick will be to climb up to rig in top ropes etc that can be used to fly the camera up and down – the rig will be slung and weighted so that the shot can be leveled effectively. Unfortunately the cameras are back ordered at the moment so it will likely be in immediate weeks before June that we get round to figuring out this side of the production.