Filmmaking Links

1. Software


‘Celtx’ claims to be the world’s first all-in-one media pre-production system – and it’s a claim that it stands up to.  This is the package to use to manage your entire pre-production work flow. Full integration of scripting, storyboarding, props, wardrobe, scene and set design, special effects,  scheduling, call sheets, tools for closed user group collaboration and much much more. Furthermore it is available for free on any platform.

Get to grips with Final Cut Studio 3 For a full bevy of online Final Cut 7 ‘insiders’ training articles for free go to

Sign up for an account here and get access to Michael Wohl (one of the original designers of FCP) training videos for Final Cut Pro 7 I managed to get 2 hrs for free – pay $1 and receive 14hrs training… and it’s endorsed by Herbie Hancock which is very cool.

Creative Cow is the best online forum for professional moving image content producers – if you have a problem the answer will more than likely be on here somewhere.

2. Online Resources

One of the best online resources available targeted at documentary film makers but useful for anyone wanting a whole how to guide to film making the Fourdocs website has the best Wiki available The Fourdocs guide to making films is all encompassing. It has everything from research to legal docs, release forms etc, lighting, camera, shooting, interviewing, exhibiting, and competitions.

HD Tools and Techniques

Why Make A short? the one and only Internet Movie Database!

3. Employability and Industry Links

Shooting People – Upload – Jobs / Networking / Casting / HR – Networking – British Entertainment Cinema and Theatre Union – UK Film Finance Handbook – Resources, Training, Directors, British Council the one and only imbd